Paddy's Diary

Paddy's Diary

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wine Buff St Emilion Christening

the 20th of August and our first bottle of wine opened on our new premises in St. Emilion. The wine is "Ovidio" and the owners of the Bodegas, Angel and Amparo, are present.

Not a bad setting for a inauguration, a medieval cellar in the heart of this beautiful village.

The wine barrels we have placed the table/door upon are from "Chateau La Fauconnerie". The juice you see is for decoration purposes only.

cheers, Paddy

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  1. Un gran momento y un perfecto lugar para una inauguracion, despues de una noche agradable y en un día caluroso.
    Saludos desde la Mancha
    Angel y Amparo